I am a design technologist who loves to build great user experiences and solve important problems.

At Quadrant 2, I was an UX engineer on Migracam - a video streaming app that helped individuals living in immigrant communities notify their family members if they were detained in a raid or traffic stop. 

We were shortlisted for a Webby this year.

I was also an Android Engineer and Backend/DevOps engineer on WorkIt. I added new features to support an AI enabled Realtime chat service to assist workers learn about their rights. I helped WorkIt scale from one labor union to seven.

Read about it on Huffington Post .

I also co-founded Tattle - an open source civic tech project that builds tools for fact checkers and journalists in India.

We are the recipients of the AI and the News Open Challenge for this year, offered by MIT Media Lab and Harvard Berkman-Klein Center for Internet and Society’s Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative.

I love tinkering with new technologies and creating novel interfaces like these


A Wearable Musical instrument that taps natural percussive gestures to create electronic music. Learn More


A Gestural User Inteface based Information Kiosk for Pregnant Women. Learn More


A Clumsy Gadget that tweets every time you bite into your favorite food. Learn More

I’ve worked in diverse domains like Healthcare, Education, Civic Tech and Creative Tech. I bring my expertise in rapid prototyping, user centered design and software development to solving problems at work.

I am open to new opportunities with companies trying to solve important problems. Please reach out if you would like to talk.

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