Dhish is a wearable music instrument. It aims to capture familiar percussive gestures of the hands like clapping and snapping and associate new sounds to them. Dhish was built with the the intention to create an electronic music instrument that isn't intimidating and is easy to pick up for amateur musicians.

Selfie-Video of me playing Dhish


Blender, Vectorworks, Moteino, EagleCAD, Arduino, Bitwig-Studio


Developer, Hardware Design, Fabrication, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing


There has been a history of experimentation with glove-like instruments in electronic music. How I think Dhish is different from them is in that it is aimed to be a more universal instrument. A lot of times custom electronic instruments try to discover their own gestures in search for expressiveness.


Uploaded by Denny George on 2015-09-24.

After making the first prototyping and getting a feel for the sound and affordances of such an instrument, I spent 2 months modelling the Instrument to 3D print it using flexible material. I switched to the Moteino microcontroller because of its smaller size and the built in radio module, allowing me to perform wire-free on stage.

Performing with Dhish at Bell House, Brooklyn, 2015