Dhvani was my attempt to make a Reactable Clone at home with limited resources and open source tools.


OpenFrameworks, ReacTIVision, C++


Design, Developer, Fabricator

When I saw the Reactable for the first time I knew immediately that I wanted it but its hefty prize tag meant there was no way to buy it in India, given that I was just a college going kid.

I started looking around the internet for guides and forums for people who were doing similar things. Even though not many people were interested in building the Reactable itself, I found a community of tinkerers trying to build their own Rear DI multi touch tables and also the amazing Open Frameworks community. Putting these together along with all the Digital Signal processing classes I had taken in my undergraduate studies, this project soon became a culmination of all that I had studied and wanted to study in the future.

Early Prototypes

Quick Test of object detection and sound generation

Putting together Computer Vision and Projector to test responsiveness and accuracy