Privé is an interactive modular partition screen that lets you visually block out parts of a shared space with a single touch! It allows people who share the same space to have their own personal demarcated sub spaces within the larger setting.  The wall gives the user control over his/her space based on touch and in addition acts as a screen to create ambient settings in that space. 


Living in Metropolitan cities has its own advantages and disadvantages. Space crunch is one such challenge. It is always really hard to define what is truly private. While sharing a studio, either with a relative or a friend, I have experienced that my personal space has a lot of limitations due to factors like visitors, differences in the activities of the people sharing the space and so privacy takes a big hit!

The Space crunch also results in very limited view of the outside world, often just the adjacent building. The number of houses getting natural sunlight is also significantly low. Looking out the the window and having the same view of brick and mortar could also take a toll on you if you have spent the entire day in the same space.

We made Prive in response to this problem - a responsive partition screen that allow the user to control their level of privacy in a small living space and also lets the user change the ambient settings by projecting on the screen.